Whatever your skill or talent, we can put it to good use! We are a church of many ministers and we rely on our members for everything from gardening to communion service. Listed below are various volunteer teams. If none of these fit, let us know how you’d like to help by filling out the form at the bottom of this page or by emailing us at


Worship Volunteers

Worship volunteers include ushers, scripture readers, communion holders, and communion servers.   Worship Volunteer Training will be scheduled soon and usually happens directly after worship service, in the sanctuary. If you are interested, you can contact Rev. Marie, our senior pastor, at

Sound /Facebook Live/ Media Volunteers

Sound (Sound Board), Facebook Live Streaming (Facebook) and Media (Computer Program Projection), are all vital volunteer positions that help make worship happen every Sunday.  Currently it would probably be desirable to have some experience for these volunteer positions, but there is training available. If you are a little computer savvy, individual training with the program we use for media is available. If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, you may contact Rev. Marie, our senior pastor, at

Hospitality and Fellowship Volunteers

The Hospitality Team creates a sense of community and strengthens connections between folks at MCC of the Palm Beaches by providing food and drink after worship services and for various special and fun events throughout the year. The contact person for this volunteer activity is Tiffani at

Building and Grounds Volunteers

Building and Grounds volunteers keep the church facilities running efficiently and the premises looking their best and are welcoming. They also plan and carry out various beautification projects around the church grounds.   The contact person for Building and Grounds is Michael at

WINGS [Welcome to God’s Sanctuary] Volunteers 

WINGS volunteers are often the first folks newcomers encounter when arriving for worship on Sunday mornings. These team members ensure everyone receives a warm welcome to Sunday worship services. They also help newcomers feel oriented and “at home” on their first visit to the church.  The contact person for WINGS is Rich at

Music and Worship Performance Volunteers

Music, weather vocal or instrumental, is at the center of our Sunday morning worship services.  Instrumental solos or group performances, vocal solos or group performances, liturgical dance and sacred scripts, etc. complement our congregational singing.  Each Sunday we feature our baby grand piano, organ and orchestral sounds of our keyboard. If you are interested in sharing your musical abilities, our senior pastor, would enjoy speaking with you.  Please contact Rev. Marie at

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