Just the FAQ

Just the FAQ

Just the FAQ

Some questions and answers you might find helpful as you consider our church:

Sunday Services

What time are services?

We have one worship service on Sunday at 10:30 am.

The service lasts 60-75 minutes.

How should I dress?

Please wear whatever clothing you are most comfortable in.

At MCCPB, as throughout Florida, formal attire is not required.

How do I get there?

MCCPB is located at 4857 Northlake Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens.

The church is less than a mile west of I-95, off the Northlake Blvd. exit.  Coming west from I-95, it will be on your right (north) side, a few streets after the stoplight at Military Trail.

If you’re using public transportation, take the #20 PalmTrans bus to the stop at Northlake and Military Trail, then walk west a few blocks on Northlake Blvd. to arrive at the church.

Where do I park?

There is ample parking in paved spaces as well as the grassy areas on the east and north sides of the building.

We also have parking for those with mobility challenges.  There is a wheelchair and scooter friendly ramp at the south entrance.

What about my kids?

For little ones 0-5, there is Troy’s Club: Childcare and a play space with lots of toys.

For kids 6-10, we have Children’s Church,  age-appropriate Bible lessons to help guide your child’s spiritual development.

What are services like?

The MCCPB congregation is a diverse blend of people from a variety of Protestant and Catholic Christian traditions.  Elements from both are reflected in our worship services.


  • We share an evangelical-style time of worship and praise singing alongside a more liturgical (formal) celebration of communion.  You are free to celebrate communion with us or engage in silent prayer or meditation instead during this time.  Either way, there will be others who  share your practices.
  • The same is true of familiar worship rituals, like making the sign of the cross or raising one’s hands in praise.  Whatever your preferred practice, you are welcome to engage in it – and you likely won’t be alone.
  • We sing traditional hymns and contemporary songs.  Scripture passages from the Bible are read as well as occasional readings from secular sources.  We share our concerns and praises in group prayer.  We follow that with a moment of silent meditation.
  • Sermons explore the Bible in light of modern scholarship and experience, grounded in a firm belief that a loving God cares deeply for all creation and commands us to do the same.  They aren’t overly long (20 minutes on average), and they are educational and uplifting.   And they always leave room for independent thought.
  • Everyone is welcome to bring their understanding of God and worship with them to add to the rich diversity of spiritual experience at MCCPB.  Whatever your background and beliefs, there’s a place for you in our congregation.
Is there an ASL interpreter?

There is usually an ASL interpreter at our service.  If you’d like to request one in advance, please email justin@mccpb.org.

Do you have seating for people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters?

Yes.   And if you need additional assistance, please ask one of our ushers.

What we do

How can I get more involved with MCCPB?

Do you like to sing or jam with a band? Are you the next “top chef?”  Are you a kid wrangler or teacher?  Maybe you’re a meeter and greeter. Or a communion server or reader. Or good with plants.  Whatever your skill set, you can share your talents to support a vibrant community of faith.  Our many church ministries help provide a welcoming, vibrant and supportive community.

Want to serve the community? We run a Food Pantry on Wednesdays that serves other 2000 people a month. We also take care of the kids in those families with a Back To School Supplies Drive and Christmas Fair.

MCCPB also works for social change by supporting efforts to eradicate HIV/AIDS and the associated stigma, as well as running a confidential support group to help those who suffer from this condition. And our members also regularly engage in advocacy for equality, fairness and justice for all of God’s creation. Check out this page to learn more about how we serve the community.

How can MCCPB enhance my spiritual development?

Supporting your spiritual growth is an important part of our mission.


Here are some of the ways you can grow with MCCPB.


  • Take a class.   Our classes are engaging and purposeful, designed to help you learn more about your faith and yourself.  Check out our list of classes.  View the calendar to see what’s upcoming.
  • Connect.  Our Connect gatherings meet monthly, sharing a potluck dinner and fellowship.  See a listing of our Connects to find the best fit and to RSVP.  Check the calendar for the next meet-up.
  • View our Pastor’s Picks.   Check out the list of inspiring and thought-provoking reading material and online resources, carefully selected by Pastor Lea Brown.  We’ve even included links to the books on Amazon, so you can easily purchase what you want – and help the church (with the referral fee paid by Amazon) at the same time.
  • Watch a sermon.  Our sermons are engaging, educational, and uplifting.  You can catch up on what you missed last Sunday – or learn more about an area of interest.  We have a number of sermon collections on topics such as sexuality and the Bible, the role of questioning and faith, and the role of women in the Bible.  We even have a collection designed for newcomers wanting to learn more.
How can I meet people?

Church is a place to find friends as well as faith.


There are many ways to find friends and fellowship at MCCPB:


  • Go to Sunday services.   Attending a weekly service is a great way to renew your spirit and meet new friends.  Learn more.
  • See a movie, have a bowling night or learn a craft.  You’ll have fun and meet new people.  Learn more. 
  • Connect.  Gatherings meet monthly for fun and fellowship .  Learn more.
  • Take a class.  Grow your faith as you grow your circle of friends.  Learn more.
  • Serve the church.  Whether your skill is marketing, party planning, gardening, or something else; our many church ministries offer opportunities to meet others with shared interests and talents.  Learn more.
  • Serve others.  Volunteer at the Food Pantry, help with the Christmas Fair and Back to School drive, or join the Social Justice team.  Join with others to make a difference in our community.  Learn more.
How can I get help?
  • Email a prayer request.
  • Talk with someone.
  • Connect with our completely confidential HIV/AIDS support team
  • Attend a 12-step group, Out of the Closet and into the Light meets regularly at MCCPB for those with alcohol and chemical dependency issues.
How can I help?

There are many ways to help at MCCPB:


  • Donate.  Donations are the lifeblood of the church and its good works.  Even with mostly volunteer labor, it takes a constant stream of financial support to run a vibrant church with a food pantry that serves over 2000 families a month.  Learn more or donate now.
  • Volunteer at church.  Like to sing? Or garden? Or make people feel welcome?  Whatever your talent or inclination, we can put it to good use at MCCPB.   We rely on volunteers for everything from serving communion to running the soundboard.  Learn more about how you can help.
  • Volunteer in the community.  We believe we are called, as Christians, to serve our brothers and sisters in the community.  In addition to our food pantry, we run a variety of other programs to serve the community.  Learn more about how you can volunteer.
Can I get married at MCCPB?

Yes! We perform ceremonies for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.


If you and your partner have been together for at least 12 months, we would be happy to speak with you about planning your ceremony.

For more detailed information, visit “Getting Married Through MCCPB

Email us at: lifeevents@mccpb.org

Can I get baptized at MCCPB?

Baptism isn’t just for babies.


If you’ve never been baptized or just want to reaffirm your commitment as a member of the Christian community, we are glad to help you prepare and celebrate this sacrament with you.

Email us at: lifeevents@mccpb.org

Do you perform funerals and memorial services?

MCCPB is here to support you in your time of grief.

We provide pastoral support services to members and non-members alike.

And our clergy are there to help plan and conduct funeral and memorial services for your loved ones, regardless of church membership.

We are also available for pre-planning services, sparing your loved ones that sad task in a difficult time.

For more information, email us at lifeevents@mccpb.org or call us at 561-775-5900.

Reasons not to check out MCCPB

I like to find my own spiritual path - will MCCPB give me room to do that?

At MCCPB, we think God gave you a brain for a reason.   Feel free to use it.

Our sermons encourage independent thought.  And MCC’s statement of faith expressly acknowledges that we don’t believe the same things, but are instead a church community building a loving dialogue of belief and faith.

Whatever your spiritual path, we are there to support you on your journey.

I'm not sure what or even if I believe - can I still come to MCCPB?

Of course!  You certainly won’t be the only one.

MCC is unique in its welcome of those whose beliefs are uncertain or don’t fit traditional Christian dogma.

That principle is embedded in our denomination’s statement of faith, which states:

We don’t all believe exactly the same things. And yet in the midst of our diversity, we build community,  grounded in God’s radically inclusive love for all people. We are part of an ongoing conversation on matters of belief and faith, shaped by scripture and the historic creeds, building on those who have come before us.

So come join us on Sunday.  You won’t have to leave your beliefs, questions, or brain at the door.

I've had some bad experiences in church - will MCCPB be a safe place for me?

Unfortunately, for many of us, our childhood church was not a safe and welcoming place.

If you were LGBTQ, you probably felt you had to choose between your faith and your true identity. Or even your sanity.  But this is a false choice.

MCCPB offers an alternative vision of what a church should be.   A place where we welcome all of God’s children, celebrating their individual identities as part of God’s greater creation.  Where we focus on spreading the abundant love of an open, caring God, not the eternal judgment of a harsh, rigid one.   Where we welcome independent thought and exploration for spiritual growth and fulfillment, not demand adherence to rigid rules and dogma upon threat of eternal punishment.

Our pastors and support teams are particularly sensitive to the needs of those who were traumatized by their early church.  We can help you heal those old wounds, and reclaim your faith from those who may know the words of the Bible by heart but have utterly missed the underlying message of radical love and inclusion.

So come to a Sunday service – you’ll be amazed at how good it feels to be welcomed as your true self in God’s house.

Still have concerns and questions?  Email us at new@mcccpb.org or call us at 561-775-5900.

I'm straight - will I fit in?

While mostly composed of LGBTQ community, we certainly have straight members.

They have found lifetime friends and a spiritual home in our congregation.  Check out one of their stories.

I'm the parent of a LGBTQ child - would MCCPB be a good fit for my family?

If your child is LGBTQ, we strongly urge you to consider MCCPB as your family church.

There’s a big difference between going to a church where your identity is celebrated as a vital part of God’s creation, not just accepted or tolerated.  Worshipping with other LGBTQ people will show your child in a very concrete way that there is no need to give up God in order to live their truth.

Having a spiritual home that affirms and celebrates who they are can be a vital defense against the psychological impact of the bullies and prejudice that they will inevitably encounter.  With double, triple or even quadruple the suicide, self-harm, and substance abuse rates of other youth, LGBTQ youth need all the support they can get.

Whether you choose MCCPB or not, we strongly urge you to investigate thoroughly and choose carefully.  Don’t let a casual choice for a family church drive your child away from the lifetime of support and fulfillment that a vital spiritual life can offer.

I'm still not sure about attending a Sunday service - is there someone I could talk to about my concerns?
Sure.  You can call us at 561-775-5900 or email us at new@mccpb.org.


What do you believe?

We worship a gentle, loving God, not a harsh, judgmental one.

God loves humanity in all its diversity and calls on us to do the same.   So we value and learn from our differences, creating a deep and diverse community of faith.

We believe that we are here to give away God’s love as much as we can, in all the ways that we can.

So, just as Jesus did, we support and care for each other and our neighbors.  And we seek equality, justice, and peace for all.

What is MCCPB?

MCC of the Palm Beaches is a part of Metropolitan Community Churches, a worldwide denomination.

MCCPB is a welcoming and caring spiritual community. While we primarily serve the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and their friends and families, everyone is welcome!

At MCCPB you will find a progressive, Christ-centered ministry, where we give away God’s love as much as we can, in all the ways that we can.

We celebrate joyful worship, care for one another and serve the community.  We seek to be a place where everyone is supported in reaching their greatest potential.

We have about 150 members and growing.  While many of our congregants are “snowbirds,” we have many full-time residents as well.

Although we are far from a megachurch, we take pride in punching above our weight when it comes to community engagement and service.

Tell me about MCCPB's history?
Our denomination, Metropolitan Community Churches, was founded in by Rev. Troy Perry in 1968.  The first service was held in his living room with 12 congregants.




Today there are almost 300 MCC congregations in 22 countries around the world. More than 43,000 people consider themselves members or adherents of Metropolitan Community churches.

Our church, MCC of the Palm Beaches, was founded in 1981.  Like most MCCs, it started in home settings, then rented space until we purchased the current church and rectory in 2000.

For more information about MCC’s history, check out their website.

For more information about MCCPB’s history, check out our history page.